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Welcome to John's Pictures

The photographs are my own work, some better than others! I would ask you to respect my copyright of the pictures. (A small number of photographs found under the 'York Minster' button in the History section were taken, with permission, in the undercroft of the Minster. These pictures remain the copyright of the Dean and Chapter.)


The site is split into a number Sections principally dealing with two of my interests, York History and Astrophotography 

Clicking on a button below will take you to the section indicated or comment should you wish to do so!

Best wishes to all visitors for 2024.



York History Contents                                                     Astrophotography Contents



M       =     Messiers’ Catalogue

C        =     Patric Moores’ Caldwell Catalogue

NGC  =     Dreyers’ New General Catalogue (1888)

IC       =     Dreyers’ Update of NGC (1895 and 1908)

Other bits and pieces

My take on Mark Jones' book of the same name

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