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Nebulae (NGC prefix)

25_Cocoon Nebula NGC 5146 (C19).jpg

NGC 5146 (C19) The Cocoon nebula 

NGC 2244 The Rosette Nebula
The Rosette Nebula located near one end of a giant molecular cloud in the region of the Milky Way. The open cluster seen at the centre has been formed from the surrounding nebulosity. The cluster and nebula lie at a distance of 5,000 light years from Earth. 
Not one of my best structured images!

NGC 7023 The Iris Nebula

NGC 6992 The Eastern Veil

NGC 6960 The Western Veil

NGC 281 Pacman Nebula

NGC2175 The Monkey Head 

NGC 2175 is an emission nebula about six and a half million light years away in the constellation of Orion. It is associated with the diffuse nebula, known as the Monkey Head and is composed mainly of hydrogen gas

NGC 1499 The California Nebula NGC 1499
The California Nebula is an emission nebula located in the constellation Perseus. Its name comes from its supposed resemblance to the outline of the US State of California. It lies about 1000 light years from Earth

NGC 7000 North America Nebula

NGC 7380 The Flying Horse Nebula

NGC 7822

NGC 2237 The Rosette 2 

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